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Services That We Provide

Market Analysis & Positioning

The question that we often hear from our customers is ”where do we start?”. JMTP has assisted startups establish their company’s market plan to address the opportunity, access, compete, sell, deliver and support the software solution within the selected market. JMTP will develop a market strategy to meet your growing customer needs, provide immediate business value, and achieve your overall startup goals. The JMTP team will align around your needs to sharply focus on a core set of priorities, a strategy to accelerate growth, market research, and channels & partners in order to position a unified vision. 

Partner Strategies
& Networking

For software start-up companies selling internationally, the channel strategy will be part of the long-term growth and risk mitigations. JMTP will assess your product, implementation resources, and support requirements before identifying what channel is more appropriate in what market in order to streamline sales as they start coming through. JMTP's network experience with large Pan-European partners and small boutique partners within specific countries allows for fast growth and low risk while venturing in other markets. JMTP may take on the role to build and agree on a market vendor/partner engagement plan, within the partner's market, for a software reseller, support, and training. The plan must ensure a path allowing for good service and license revenues to both parties.

Team Building

Our expertise in international market positioning is to quickly and efficiently implement the developed strategy to meet your financial objectives. Extending our team to meet your growing needs is never a problem. Our customer success team interacts as a single unit with a single objective. JMTP will focus on developing your team sales skills, improving the sales performance through training, mentoring, and one-on-one coaching, as well as provide training and support for the channel partners. 

Marketing Strategies



With the various types of startups implanting internationally their software products solutions in targeted sectors, there are many variations on developing an effective marketing strategy. JMTP will help define the appropriate marketing messages that can attract customers, thus reducing costs in the sales process. We will build and manage a pipeline of validated leads through various effective means of communication such as emails, social media and events, webinars, trade shows and CxO targeted activities. The JMTP team has extensive experience with Gartner, IDC and local country analysts across Europe. Analyst relations have proven to be critical in emerging markets and the RICS region.

Sales Management

The leadership experience, along with the diversity in the values JMTP offers, are unique. Whether we are hunting in new markets or expanding your foot-print with existing clients, our goal is to always to meet our customer objectives. JMTP will assist you in entering the specified market through building a direct sales force, securing a local sales partner, or integrating our resources within your existing sales structure. Sales execution is a must for a start-up to succeed. Our sales methodology is proven, efficient and is tailored around a  simple set of questions to achieve a win-win strategy with the clients. 


Budgeting & Forecasting




JMTP ensures predictable and healthy growth to your business through meticulous processes from lead gathering, to lead qualifications, to existing customer base analysis, and to sales acceptance and closures. Our sales and forecasting take into consideration the variations of international cultures, traditions, political situations, labor and financial laws. Trust and personal relationships are more important and take longer in the international markets leading to much slower purchase decisions. Budget and sales forecasts must be adjusted accordingly. JMTP's experience in these markets allows for a consistent forecasting and closure strategy to meet your short-term revenue needs and long-term revenue objectives. 

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